Connect Mapbox basemap resources

eVouala Platform fully supports TMS and XYZ tile map web services.  The XYZ Tile map service is the most optimized web map service type that you can use in your app. In general, those type of web services is available for base map layers. There are several free online map services (OpenStreetMap).  You can connect Mapbox static tile map through their API.  In order to proceed, choose your Mapbox base map, then you must register to Mapbox plan to get you own access_token key.  



After having chosen your base map style, connect this service to your eVouala account by clicking on the Add menu ([+]) - Data Connection, chose XYZ service type, then specify this URL template in the connection configuration view:{z}/{x}/{y}?access_token=[your_access_key]


Available Styles Name are:

  • light-v9
  • dark-v9
  • streets-v10
  • outdoors-v9
  • satellite-streets-v9

It's a good practice to attach Mapbox logo to your Mapbox resources will be clearly identified in your Library account.

You can also connect older Mapbox base map version that you can find on the Mapbox Maps API official documentation.  The same Mapbox access token key can be used to connect those map services.  The URL template for that classic mapbox style is:{z}/{x}/{y}.png?access_token=[your_access_key]

Available Styles Name are:

  • mapbox.streets
  • mapbox.light
  • mapbox.dark
  • mapbox.satellite
  • mapbox.streets-satellite
  • mapbox.wheatpaste
  • mapbox.streets-basic
  • mapbox.comic
  • mapbox.outdoors
  • mapbox.pencil
  • mapbox.pirates
  • mapbox.emerald
  • mapbox.high-contrast






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