Commercial web services registration

eVouala Platform allows you to connect different commercial web services.  Those services let you connect to web map resource or geocode street address CSV file.  You must first register by your self to get your commercial API access key on Mapbox, HERE Map, Google Map or Bing Map.  Canadien company also have the web service.

To add your commercial access key, open Platform configuration file locate in root platform directory ([platform_root]/local.ini) add your access key, save file and reload apache configuration.

# Commercial API access key 
geocoder.type = [here|mapbox|geocoder|nominatim]

# HERE Map api keys
here.app_id = [app_id]
here.app_code = [app_code]

# Bing maps key
bing.key = [key]

# Mapbox access token key, allow you to geocode CSV file
mapbox.access_token = [access_token]

# Google keys
google.maps.key = [google_key]
analytics.trackingID = [tracking_id_key]

# Geocoder for Canada = [key]

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