The Trips section of the Fleet Tracking menu allows you to see how your assets are moving in real time. You can see the map on the right and the asset table on the left. This section acts as some sort of a travel report of your fleet. For example, you can see what distance your assets traveled in a specific time period.

First,be sure you've opened your Tracking area.  If you are still in default eVouala, click on More... and Fleet Tracking.  You will have to select the Tracking feed of your choice.

On top of the map are two buttons and a searching tool;

1) Magnifying glass: allows you to visualize the totality your assets in the map;

2) The arrow: allows you to export your data. You can name the data that you export and the export format (shapefile, csv, etc.).

In addition to these features, the Trips section has a function that allows you to trace the trips of your asset fleet by using a specified timeline (last 24 hours, last 48 hours, last 7 days or a customized period of time that you can set as you wish). You can visualize how your assets moved using this timeline. For example, if you choose the last 24 hours, you will see how you assets moved in the last 24 hours directly on the map.


At the right of the map, there are different buttons;

1) The magnifying glass button: allows you to search for a location or an adress for example;

2) The "+" and "-" buttons: allows you to zoom in and zoom out;

3) The house button: allows you to zoom to your home view;

4) The ruler button: allows you to measure a line or an area;

5) The printer button: allows you to print your map:


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