geofence.jpgThe Geofence section  of the Fleet Tracking menu allows you to create and manage specific areas that will serve as zones of interest (not to be confused with Points of interes). The utility of the geofence is to notify you when one of your assets enters or exits (or both) the geofence. This can be especially useful if you want to know when an asset crosses a specific area (for example a restaurant, a school, a grocery store, etc.).

First,be sure you've opened your Tracking area.  If you are still in default eVouala, click on More... and Fleet Tracking.  You will have to select the Tracking feed of your choice.

The functions in the Geofence section are the same as in the Trips section (with the exception of the Print button which is absent in the Geofence section). 

As mentionned above, you can set how the geofence is triggered. To do so, click on More... and Fleet Configuration, then Geofence. You can set the email adress of the person to warn when the geofence is triggered. You can also set the trigger for the geofence (entering only, exiting only or entering and exiting).


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