The More.. section is an extension of the Fleet Tracking menu. To access it, be sure you've opened your Tracking area.  If you are still in default eVouala, click on More... and Fleet Tracking.  You will have to select the Tracking feed of your choice.There are ten tabs in it. Since the first five (Reports, POI, Spaces, Users and Groups) are already described either in the eVouala official documentation or elsewhere in the Help Center, they won't be defined here.

1) Device pool list: allows equipment retailers to be given a device pool in the eVouala platform. 

2) Mobile application (alpha): allows the Fleet tracking application to be used on a smartphone for example.

3) Back Office:allows you to return to the default eVouala menu.

4) Fleet Configuration: allows you to configurate your fleet (more details in the Fleet Configuration article in the present section).

5) Return to Fleet Tracking Home: allows you to go back to the Fleet Tracking homepage, where you can select a fleet or create a new one.

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