Create a collaborative App

The goal of this exercise is to familiarize you with how to create a very simple Input Form. The created App will allow conference participants to locate their workplace, specify their name, gender and date of registration.


1) Create the Form that will allow you to enter data into the App. Notice the options "editable" and "queryable";

"Description": "Update your identity!",
"attributes": [
"label": "Name/First Name",
"name": "name_first_name",
"type": "text"
"choices": [
"label": "Man",
"value": "M"
"label": "Woman",
"value": "W"
"label": "Gender",
"name": "gender",
"type": "select"
"label": "Date",
"name": "register_date",
"type": "date"
"editable": true,
"fade_when_editing": false,
"name": "Participant",
"queryable": true

2) Create a new "Participants" Data Source of "Point" type using the field names specified in the Form configuration of the previous step. To do this, click on the "+" tab of the main menu, then select "New data source". Add the 3 configured fields from the previous Form. Finally, be sure to link the "Participants' Form to your new Data Source;

3) Create a new "Participants" map located on the province of Quebec. Classify men and women and use the Mapgears basemap;

4) Click on the "+" button again and select "Mapping Application".

  • Name youe application
  • Select your map
  • Active the "Feature editing of a single layer" option
  • Explore the "Config.JSON" and "Advanced..." sections
  • Save your application

5) Start the application by clicking on the "Run application" button on the far right;

6) Click on the "+" button in the app to add the location of your provenance and enter the information of the Form;

7) Et vouala!

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