Connect a WMS service

To create a WMS Data source in your account, you will need to connect an external service.   Follows those steps to connect layers in a WMS Data source from Canadian Toporama web services:


  1. Click on [+] menu from main bar menu (right side)
  2. Select « Data connection »
  3. Click on « WMS » icon then click Next button.
  4. Give a name and past WMS URL in « Online-Ressource »  field 
  5. Click on [Browse] to select your layers
  6. In this layer selector, you can select more than one layer by clicking the first empty field selector
  7. Add « Limits » layer and other if needed.  Then click on «  Add » button
  8. You don't need to do more for now.  Simply click on « Connect »
  9. Select your WMS Data Source and click on « Create Map » icon to view data (extreme right)

Be aware that the WMS must support Web Mercator projection (EPSG:3857) projection to make it work.  If a WMS didn't support this projection, you will not be able to view data from it.  To get this information, open a GetCapabilities query in your browser and find supported projection:

[WMS_URL]+ ?service=WMS&REQUEST=GetCapabilities

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